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Friday, January 05, 2007

Sharon Bondroff? Not much of an improvement

Sharon Bondroff wrote on a council meeting for The Gray News. On the one hand it’s good that the paper has an actual person actually attending meetings on which they write about. The Vapor Approach and the Make It Up As We Go Along Approach were getting tiresome.

However, Ms Bondroff’s approach is obviously one that mirrors her fluffy creative non-fiction writing and is not based on any journalism training or other news media education. In seeking to write evocatively and prettily, like in her old personal columns she used to do for a little while, instead of just reporting, she missed the fact in front of her face. Literally.

Each councilor has a name plate in front of them. Ms Bondroff was at a meeting for at least three hours, staring at the name plates. At said meeting the idea is to listen, write, and look around. Facts abound. Including the name plate in front of each Councilor, which, though staring at it for three hours, Ms Bondroff misspelled when it came time to put the facts to paper. It’s CRANE, not CRAIN. It's LIBBEY. Not Libby. Oy.

Skip Crane has been a councilor for a year and a half. His name has been spelled properly in three papers, exists on the town website and is broadcast almost daily on local cable. She stared at it for three hours. Where has she been? Small mistakes are telling, making the observant and intelligent reader wonder, “If Ms. Bondroff got so simple a thing wrong, a fact so obvious and basic, what else did Bondroff miss?”


  • LOL You just can't stand it that the Gray News reported on the council meeting and not your precious Muck-u-ment
    Kinda sticks in your craw doesn't it LOL....LOL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 AM  

  • Is it genetically impossible for you to refrain from name calling? And I don’t know what is absent meeting report in a paper that reports everything else, including the issues, or a report that is factually in error and biased.

    What do you think of a person who purports to put out a factual article but screws up basic things like a NAME? Your opinion please.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 10:48 AM  

  • Figures that Clark's successor would be the equally biased but even angrier Sharon Bondroff. My hopes, raised earlier at the news of Clark's departure and the news of a new owner, is now shrinking. It is apparent that Corsetti does not know the situation and is listening to the very people who ran the paper down in the first place.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:13 PM  

  • At least Bondroff wears her politics on her sleeve and can't fool anyone.

    Clark pretended to be an avuncular friend of the town and did fool many.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:37 PM  

  • The town doesn't buy what the Gray News is selling. Leave it for the misguided to follow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 PM  

  • Now that Clark is gone comments will be more productive if directed to the publisher.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:44 PM  

  • You have a very good point. I will consider contacting the publisher. Thank you.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 7:21 AM  

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