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Friday, December 08, 2006

Open letter to Mr Clark

I've said it before...but an editor needs to be many things to a community. Whistleblower, watchdog, cheerleader, nurse, inspirational visionary. But all Ray Clark knows how to do is grump. To wit, his latest grumpy editorial in the December 8 issue. It opens like this:

"Here's a Christmas present from the Gray Town Council to the people of Gray Dispatch: a pink slip. And here's a Christmas present from Gray Dispatch and a thousand of their friends to the Gray Town Council: a red flag."

Does that make you want to keep reading? Not me. And it's old news now and will be news again in May: you would think there never have been or ever will be any issues in town other than Dispatch. How about editorializing on issues that affect more than your friend's brother, Mr. Clark?

The Gray News grumpy old stubborn editor missed editorializing on the Fiddlehead Center for the Arts presentation to the Council and Village Master Plan Committee, plans which are astounding and wonderful. He missed editorializing on the new gallery that opened up in Gray at 12 Main Street, to which local artists sold pieces and to which many residents visited. He missed editorializing on the wonderful town Holiday Celebration that was so warm in heart with so many people participating. And so much more he could have positively editorialized on and represented our town to itself in a way besides grump-grump-grump!

Mr. Clark, do you always have to be a grinch? Even the Grinch's raisin heart grew sometime. How about yours?


  • The Gay Pundants recent "version" of the council meeting sending the error ridden well head zoning to planning board was NOT true. They decided to fix it BEFORE sending it to planning board.
    Did Ray nod off half way through the meeting on his couch at home? Did he not watch the whole conversation? Or is his ability to report the news the issue?
    Mrs. Huff, I feel bad for her. She was clearly put out there with misinformation. Will these recaller/petitonoers go to any extreme? This woman who put years into serving our town should not have been used this way! Shame on you trouble makers!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:18 AM  

  • Why not pass this information along to Windham Independent so they can see the REAL Ray Clark?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:09 PM  

  • a good idea, but on the other hand, they bought the paper, so they must like it. I think letting them find out on their own is more powerful. And they will find out, it's inevitable. Plus, staff change are in the wind. Wait a bit to see how things shake out.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 4:45 PM  

  • The Grinch is "RETIRING"..Finally!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:49 PM  

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