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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No news is not news

A newspaper should have news in it, one would think. News covering the important meetings, news that analyzes, news that informs. Community stories about friends and neighbors, and calendar of upcoming events.

As I stated earlier in another post, which listed from Wikipedia the appropriate elements a newspaper should have in it, The Gray News (as any newspaper) should have news, community notes, entertainment, sports, and opinion. The September 29 issue of the Gray News does not have any news in it. It does not have any coverage of meetings, issues, events, or analysis.

It has some community postings of upcoming events, such as news from the Wildlife Park, a boy getting Eagle Scout, and church bulletins. There's a release from the HS Guidance office, and a correction to messing up a name last week and an apology for a missing column. And a fluff editorial musing about the seasons. That's just about it.

Not that what's in there isn't important, but a real newspaper should have an appropriate mix, and that mix should of course include news, the foundation of its existence. With no news in the paper, if a newspaper falls on the doorstoop, does anyone hear it?


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