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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ray and Nathan signal editorial comments with parens

March 10, 2006, Ray Clark and Nathan Tsukroff wrote:

"Items decided by Town Council: Well... once the Subdivision Ordinance is reviewed and approved at a second Council vote, it will be effective retroactively. (In the meantime, developers are apparently free to build their houses without fire protection provisions in their new submissions, if they want.)"

I think it is mighty interesting that Nathan Tsukroff occasionally goes to the meeting but from those meetings, the resulting story has Ray Clark's name on it. In newsrooms, that is the equivalent of the bully beating up & stealing the 98 lb weakling's lunch money every week. For a short while, there appeared a double byline, like in this item. Using Mr Tsukroff's notes with Ray's byline means Nathan at those times is just a minutes-taker.

Ray Clark and Nathan Tsukroff are known for editorializing within their news articles. They use subjective qualifiers, they use strong, non-neutral language. They use "sneer quotes." But, if you get tired of thinking where does the news end and editorializing begin, sometimes Ray and Nathan will help you out. They will just insert their own opinions into parentheses. See above.


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