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Friday, June 23, 2006

Photo of Biasbuster

This is the get-up I put on when I delve into another biasbusting session of The Gray News

The Biasbuster Gray News outfit consists of a hat to show that the Biasbuster is a Professor of BiasBusts, mask to protect the face, crystals for the eyes to allow for objective and clear vision, the beak is stuffed with spices or herbs to purify the air that is breathed near the newspaper, a wooden stick to push away victims who have fallen for the Gray News's spin (the victims easily identified, they are often too addled to function and they stumble around pitifully), leather gloves to protect the hands when touching the paper, gown waxed from the exterior so the lies would not stick to Biasbuster's clothes, and full length boots to wade thru the manure falling out of the paper.

(PS-- source of photo and revised entry is from Wikipedia, entry about the Plague Doctor outfit)


  • LOL... this photo is exactly how I pictured you!
    Wow... that is scary
    Your diviated mind is infecting your senses girl

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:44 AM  

  • Is Biasbuster a girl? Or a boy?
    Transgendered comes to mind.
    O, to capture Biasbuster,
    would be quite a find!

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 6:50 AM  

  • [Nathan Tsukroff is a quitter
    He quits things. How can he be a good reporter when he goes in fits and starts?]

    Just like Elizabeth...quitter of the Libray Trustees

    Fane of heart... or rather she has no heart!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:13 AM  

  • Elizabeth resigned because it is unethical to participate in town affairs and cover them at the same time, she has said. Would that Ray and Nathan removed themselves from all the political and civic organizations they participate in, they would be a lot less biased.

    As for her heart, I believe that a human needs a heart in order to perambulate. Since she is alive and moving around, it would seem that she has one.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 7:14 AM  

  • PS, I edited the comment above because someone used a nasty term to describe Elizabeth, I just noticed. Nasty names are not allowed. Against anyone.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 7:26 AM  

  • This is hilarious, that photo. I don't think the Gray News is THAT bad, but it's a funny little thing anyway. Biasbuster a/k/a Plague Doctor. Hoot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 AM  

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