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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gray News is a 'pocket publication'

January 20, 2006, Ray Clark wrote:
Council reviews Berkowitz again

For the third time since it was sworn in seven months ago, the Gray Town Council will go into Executive Session next Monday to review Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz's performance.

Wrong. The first time was to go over expectations. The council announced that because there was a new chair and three brand-new councilors, it was best to establish expectations before going too much further forward. It was not a review.

The second two times were equal to the number of times the previous council had reviewed Mr. Berkowitz. Mr. Clark's arrangement of incorrect facts here slants the story to seem like something unusual is going on, when nothing is.

Some members of the Council, notably Vice-Chair Andrew Upham, have been critical of the Manager for not providing information early enough for them to study it before making decisions.

The Manager is the top Administrator of the town, and he should be administrating efficiently. By charter, it is the Council's job to review efficiency in their top employee. Again, Mr. Clark wrote this as if it was out of line for the council to want clear expectations, efficient administration, and performance review.

Two weeks ago, for example, Mr. Upham complained that he had not received a copy of a bid proposal for a fire truck in timely fashion, although it had been in his mailbox at the Town Office several days in advance of the vote.

Incorrect. The Manager claimed he had put it in the box two days before, but Mr Upham and Mr Crane said they checked that afternoon and it was not there. Mr. Clark should not put in the parts of the discussion that suit his purpose. He should report the entire discussion and let the reader decide.

I have spoken before about Mr. Clark's use of the word 'complained' which is loaded and not neutral. Mr. Clark should have written, 'Mr. Upham said that he had not received a copy.'

Mr. Ray Clark, and the Gray News is what is called "Pocket Publication", or, publications that are in the pocket of town government. This report is an example of how a newspaper advocates for their buddies in local government. He wrote the article in such a way as to seem like the council were wrongdoers, and not the employee. Pocket publication, for sure.


  • Hey biasbuster, good one. I like learning how you see things and after I think about it, you're usually on the mark.

    I agree about the pictures. Nathan's being boring and all that. I LOVED the Monument's photo of the Chief and the Chaplain on Memorial Day. Nate thinks he's got the fire department all sewn up. Not! That photo must've fried his butt!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:55 PM  

  • Nathan is just learning how to be part of a small town. Those of us who have been through it know how hard it is to find your place and how important it becomes to "do no harm". He is just on the learning curve. He'll come back around. He should apologize to a few people though...... he's gone way too far way too many times.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:19 PM  

  • Nathan Tsukroff has been part of many small towns...he should have figured out how to be part of one of them by now! Don't insult people's intelligence by stating he is just on the 'learning curve'..he knows exactly what he is doing. He Lies, He fabricates articles in the GN and the BW Blog, He is most unethical, Lacks Credibility...the facts go on! Stop making excuses for him..he is despicable..and has demonstrated this all by himself!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:01 PM  

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