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Friday, July 14, 2006

Directors are accountable too

Nathan Tsukroff is not to blame. Ray Clark is not to blame. In one way, we are all responsible for being ethical and honest, and both Nathan and Ray fail those benchmarks. But their repeated failures in ethics and simple, unbiased newsgathering are repeatedly supported by the apparent silence of the Board of Directors, who are their bosses.

Most corporations are run by a Board, and the people on the Gray News board, according to Mr. Clark, have a meeting once in a while where the receivables are ignored, the business is dispatched quickly and the remaining time is spent gossiping. If the Board does not set standards of ethics and policies to follow, and ensure their employees adhere to them, the Board is as much at fault as are Nathan and Ray. It is the Board's responsibility to run a responsible newspaper, and they most certainly have not run anything close to it for a long time.

These people are on the Gray News Board of directors. Biasbuster is not telling tales out of school. Mr. Clark listed them in an editorial, published it, and it was subsequently mailed to every home in Gray.

The Gray News Board of Directors: Miriam Bisbee, Jim Blanchard, Mary Bosse, Audrey Burns, Cindy Kimpel, Judy McDonald, June O'Donnell, Blaine Skilling, Yvonne Wilkinson and Ray Clark as ex officio President.

If you do not think it is OK for Ray to write that the Gray News stays away from influencing news and taking stands on issues while at the same time Nathan Tsukroff is hitting the streets influencing people to sign a recall petition, if you think it is not OK for newsmakers to participate in the news they cover, if you think it is not OK for reporters to insert their opinions into news articles, if you think it is not OK to malign other businesses in town by name (The Monument), if you think it is not OK for them to get reports of the meetings second-hand and pass them off as news, if you think it is not OK for Ray Clark to lie to the media and the citizens, TELL THEM.

Do not let the board off the hook- they are responsible for allowing their paper's ethics to lapse. Whether or not they go down the tubes and fold- and frankly I hope they do- let the Directors know they are responsible for the paper's failures.

Letting them escape accountability is not OK.


  • Have the names on that list don't surprise me one bit. No wonder the Board doesn't care about accountability and professionalism...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:21 PM  

  • Have or half?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:39 AM  

  • From the context of the sentence it looks to me the writer meant half. A small thing. Do you have any comment about the actual content?

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 4:45 AM  


    BTW- This last post of yours sums up the [month’s] worth of B.S. that you have published in your incompetent way of attacking the Gray News--
    This one post could have been sufficient--but no-- that is just not your style --is it?

    This one is short and not so sweet ... but shows everyone what a miserable waste of time you are

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:36 AM  

  • Yeah, I meant half. Sorry about that, long day... :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:37 AM  

  • No it's not my style. Because I know that sometimes it takes a while to open up hearts and brains and it takes a long period of many posts to do that. If only once was sufficient then why does Coca-Cola, the most recognized name in thw world, still advertise? It takes many times to get the message across, that's why.

    think of it this way: if you're all set with the point of this blog then you can thank your lucky stars you don't need to read it any more.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 7:10 AM  

  • Anonymous 7:36 AM is most likely Debbie Mancini..still trying to defend 'deceitful lies from the GN'. Until their Board of Directors, Nathan Tsukroff, Ray Clark; their supporters, raise their level of standards and are adult enough to accept accountability for their 'bad acts', nothing will ever change for them. I am extremely grateful for biasbuster's clarification; and sincerely hope the "Lightbulb" will come on for those folks; and that they will finally 'get the message'!! Honesty, Integrity, Credibility, Accountability, etc., is finally being restored in this Town; and if Gray News and their supporters would realize the value in these qualities..maybe, just maybe, the message will come across to them and they will finally 'get it'..and change their ways!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 AM  

  • I do not know if it is or if it isn't Mrs. Mancini...and I think it's pointless to speculate. Just as it's pointless to speculate that Elizabeth ("Liz" to her detractors) is that blogger or this blogger. Or Nathanposted this or that. Tey can blog, they can post. and if they want to be anonymous, then great.

    I hope the light bulb comes on too. Personally, I hope it comes on in an empty office, after the Gray News has folded, because I do not think they contribute anything positive to this town, but I hope it comes on in their hearts and warms them up a little bit.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 10:28 AM  

  • I think it's weird some people will take the time to say something about the punctuation or the grammar but won't take an equal time to formulate one thought about the post.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 AM  

  • Anonymous @ 7:36 wrote that her (I think it's a her) comment shows everyone what a miserable waste of time this blog is.

    Anonymous @ 7:36, you don't speak for everyone and if you think this blog is a waste of time why do you read it? Huh?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:36 AM  

  • Maybe he or she is hoping it will get better in some way, so they keep tuning in. Alternatively, maybe he or she tunes in hoping it's been taken down. I know how happy I felt the day I typed the URL for Batgirl's blog and it was gone.

    I don't mind those kind of comments at all. He or she is entitled to their opinion, just as I am entitled to keep busting the Gary News's chops. If they think it's a waste of time then I have failed my job in educating them as to the Gray News's ethical failings. But, I will keep trying. And as long as they keep tuning in, there's hope that someday they will get it.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 5:20 AM  

  • ...keep busting the Gray News's chops=

    Even an idiot knows when to stop fighting

    You must be one nasty harpy to hold this grudge of yours for so long

    But then again... your misery has company... carry on fools

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:36 PM  

  • What do you think of the BWG's grudge against the council and the Heart of Maine blog that has a grudge against Elizabeth? Are they carrying on too long as well? Or is their time not expired yet?

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 5:38 PM  

  • PS> I am sad for you calling someone a 'nasty old harpy' to make a point about knowing when to stop...

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 5:40 PM  

  • Keep up the good work, biasbuster! The truth is hard to accept, especially by those who wouldn't recognize it if it slapped them in the face!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 PM  

  • thank you very much! I appreciate it.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 5:48 PM  

  • The truth will set you free biasbuster & friends...
    Your intangible take of the Gray News is all wrong
    Sorry, but you convince no one with your tirades

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 AM  

  • "The truth will set you free biasbuster & friends...

    It usually does.

    "Your intangible take of the Gray News is all wrong"

    Is the word 'intangible' used correctly here?

    "Sorry, but you convince no one with your tirades"

    Tirades? Interesting. I do not think that means what you think it means

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 9:30 AM  

  • 8:21 AM
    If your are going to attempt to make a point...please use words that are not out of context!
    Intangible: Something not touchable
    Tirade: argumentative, vicious speech
    What is it that you really are trying to say??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:10 AM  

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