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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ray Clark is lazy and blames others

In the September 1 issue, Ray Clark wrote:

"Why no bus schedule?

"We're sorry, but the MSAD 15 Transportation Department did not provide The Gray News with a bus schedule in time for publication this week. If you have questions about the bus times or routes, please call MSAD #15 at 657 3335."

Oh my. Where to begin. Well, first of all, The Monument printed the schedules two weeks ago, so the schedules were ready, and freely given out. So it is not a question of the MSAD 15 Transportation Department failing to make the schedules in time, nor a question of them being held back from everyone. Therefore, if the schedules were finished, offered, and published in another paper, why did the Gray News not get them?

Because they expected them to fall into their lap. They thought the Department would automatically give them to the Gray News, because they think that they are the center of the Universe and the Department had absolutely nothing else to do the week before school starts except make sure the Gray News has everything it needs to fill its paper.

Then they write a blaming blurb against the Department.

Here is what they should have written:

"We're sorry, but apparently we were sitting around on our lazy butts with our thumbs up our noses, expecting all the news to fall into our lap. But because we are increasingly irrelevant and hold outdated notions of newsgathering, it didn't. The news, oddly, was not provided to us in time for publication this week. If you have questions about our lack of news, or just want to call and berate us because we stink, please call the Gray News at 657 2200."


  • Printing "I made a mystake" is NOT an option for this man. Clark should NOT be the editor of the Gray News. They have lost the respect of MOST of the residents in Gray.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM  

  • Ray Clark should NOT be the editor of the Gray News...period! He has NO Journalistic Experience whatever; and to be paid $175.00 per week is just plain Insane!!! It's time for him to Retire; and for the Board of Directors to seriously consider doing the same. They are OLD and TIRED; and have NO newsworthy editorials!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:23 PM  

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