Bad Journalism + Biased Editor = The Gray News

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is it an accurate reflection? No.

From the Portland Press Herald, 2000:

"Clark, editor of the Gray News, fills the paper with stories about the good-hearted nature of townspeople, stories like "Local Serviceman Home for Holidays" and "Blood Drive Honors Gerald Kimball." This 3,500-circulation weekly largely ignores news about crime and unseemly behavior. Bad news gets around town without the paper's help, said Miriam Bisbee..."

That is a backward philosophy from what newspapers consider their charge: to reflect the community. Quotes follow:

“Community newspapers, particularly those which reach an interested and involved audience, are in a position to not only reflect the culture of the day, but to ensure its continuity.” William E. Brown, Jr. (Richter Library, University of Miami)

Rockford Register Star:
Reflect our community in everything we do.

Observer at Univ Notre Dame
we at The Observer should attempt to reflect the entire community.

Crime, unseemly behavior, and other news that reflects the community should be in the paper. It is not up to the paper to censor news to protect people. In order to have a fully informed citizenry, they need to be informed.

Therefore, the Gray News’s motto should be:

"We don’t make the news, we make it better."


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