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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Editorials, not hate screeds

Ray Clark writes editorials. Those are columns where it is the one place an editorial opinion is allowed to be stated. Editorials are supposed to persuade, or convince, or synthesize for the reader the facts on a particular issue.

Ray Clark cannot do that. He either writes about inane subjects like the LL Bean catalog or mowing the lawn, or he writes furious stream of consciouness harangues that don't push the issue forward nor illuminate a point for the reader. Editors are supposed to use words to lead. Not screed. Worse, he cannot write in his fury without name-calling.

On August 4, 2006, Mr. Clark wrote that the three councilors with whom he does not agree are "mosquitos." He then went on to denigrate the Cumberland County dispatch operators to the point he insinuated their professional inadequacies would result in a caller's death.

Name calling might make him feel good, but it is a turn-off. It certainly does not persuade. Mr. Clark abuses his position to make hate harangues and call people names, without regard for the purpose of an editorial: mature persuasion based on facts.

This quote is for Mr. Clark: "A person full of hate is his own worst enemy. Freedom of speech exposes his hate for all to see."

David Moats, Editorial page editor, Herald, Rutland VT

SCREED: a long monotonous harangue


  • Our communications dept wants to be careful about casting any stones...there are some stories , mystakes we all make, that shouldn't be brought up again but will be if they continue they're holier than them rest attitude...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:59 PM  

  • The Journalism code of Ethics says to hold newspapers accountable for their actions. The Gray News fails in its charge. You would rather overlook those failings, failings that hurt people and the community, just to be polite? OK, that is fine.

    Where would be be without organizations such as Consumer Reports, which points out failings in consumer goods. Nobody calls them holier than thou. They just call them and say 'thanks.' Demanding better is good. Calling people names for demanding better is just plain sad.

    By Blogger BiasBuster, at 2:25 PM  

  • I have stories I'd be willing to share about Gray's communications center. Not to impune mind you but to show that anyone can make mystakes and more oversight may be warranted.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:20 PM  

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